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Where Do I Start?

Iíve owned my B since November 1996. At the point of purchase it was a 1975 B GT in a grim bracken colour. It was a fairly rancid heap that was not  a realistic restoration proposition as an ordinary GT. The old tin worm had eaten its way through a significant amount of the structure as well as most of the panel work!


It was always my intention to use this vehicle as a starting point for a V8 Conversion using a new Heritage shell.

The V8 Conversion Project

The basic spec as it has developed!:

  • Chrome Bumper V8 Roadster
  • 3.9 Rover V8 and LT77 (SD1) 5 speed manual transmission
  • Hotwire Fuel Injection
  • Front suspension modified to Hoyle Wishbone setup
  • Hoyle Independent Rear Suspension
  • Twin exhaust system with RV8 headers
  • Complete re wire with purpose designed and built loom

 On the following pages I will describe the ideas and the progress Iím making on the project, and always welcome comments or questions about it all!

The Starting Point

I have hankered after a B for as long as I can remember, but I have to admit to having been distracted. Not two months after graduating and for the first time being in the possible position to be able to afford a project, a so called friend Giles Turner revealed to me his new purchase. A Caterham Seven. Hence the distraction Ė I am also now the proud owner of Jabba a 1994 Caterham Super Seven. However only a temporary delay and in late 1996 I started to search for a suitable base vehicle which was duly purchased and towed home on a dolly.


At the time I lived in a semi in Maids Moreton nr Buckingham with a single garage and to be honest it was a bit of a struggle to fit a B in and still be able to work around it comfortably. Fortunately in late 1997 my sister moved into a new house with a double garage and a deal was struck whereby if I painted the garage including the floor I could temporarily house the B to enable the strip-down of the vehicle. In the mean time I did a load of research and decided that the way to go was a Roadster conversion, and I duly purchased the Heritage shell from the MGB Hive which arrived in November 1998. The spec was a rubber bumper roadster converted to chrome bumper, with a height extension for the gearbox tunnel. The shell was duly shunted into the single garage and stayed there until I moved in 2000! Not once but twice!


Bought a double garage with a nice house attached in Towcester, but it was being newly built and was not finished at the point we needed to move, so my wife and I had to find temporary accommodation for us and the shell. It was interesting moving the shell twice in a 7.5t tail-lift truck, but achieved with the help of many friends! Then spent a year working on the garage itself to make it into a well equipped workshop and finally in 2002 started work in earnest.


Well sort of! Its progressing so watch the diary!


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