Caterham 7 - Jabba















During my early career as an engineering undergrad I was sponsored through my training and degree by British Rail. Not only has this given me an excellent grounding for the rest of my career, it also led me to meeting people who have become some of my best friends.

I often remember chatting to one of these friends in our first year on the railway about my desire to restore an MGB, and I recall him babbling on about wanting a some kind of kit car. I didn't take that much notice because I didn't have a clue what he was talking about.

Then in 1991 the year I graduated he beat me to it. "He" being Giles Turner. On a day in early August he invited me to his Mum & Dad's house for lunch and proudly presented his new purchase. This kit car thing! Only I discovered it was not really a thing it was in fact a Caterham 7. From that day I was hooked and the MG fell to a poor 2nd!

My opportunity came when BR re-located me. They gave me a good relocation package to help me move and buy a house - so I bought my Caterham with it! One slight problem with the plan was that following my order in Feb 1994 the car was due for delivery in late April - but I had ommitted to complete the purchase of a house so I had no where to put it. Fortnatley, my then girlfriend (now wife!) was still at uni at Warwick and some of our friends had a student house in Coventry with an empty garage. The build started there and was completed by September but with a move to my new house in June as a rolling chassis.

Jabba, as it has become known due to having "HUT" as part of the reg, was registered in October 1994 and has been with me ever since. I don't think I have changed it at all so far, with the exception of a lovely new Raceco exhaust can this month to replace the origonal which had a huge crack in it. However that is due to change just as soon as I have finished the MG! See upgrades for the plans.